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Driving Efficiency and Transparency in One Network

One Network offers an adaptable ecosystem with smartcontract for user and developer adoption, leveraging EVM capabilities to scale efficiently. Employing HPOS (Hybrid Proof-of-Stake) consensus, it provides flexible adoption for various user activities. BeOne has developed a blockchain that is lightweight, powerful, and highly secure, enabling rapid transactions at 0.2 milliseconds finality per transaction and a TPS for 60,000 per block.

With these capabilities, One Network aims to establish sustainable platforms on the blockchain, and in a friendly environment.



Embark on a revolution in Blockchain Excellence. Unleash the power of seamless transactions, unparalleled security & decentralization and smart contracts redefined for effortless automation. Scale your possibilities with future-ready technology and community-driven innovation for a New Era.


Elevate security with a decentralized network.


Trust every transaction with clear, verifiable records.

Smart Contracts

Automate agreements seamlessly and efficiently.


Grow confidently with a scalable blockchain solution.

Community Governance

Join a collaborative community shaping the future.


Revolutionize your blockchain experience with our cutting-edge features.

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Our Roadmap

We are excited to share our meticulously crafted business roadmap, a strategic blueprint designed for success. This comprehensive plan outlines our short-term objectives and long-term vision, showcasing a clear path towards achieving our goals. With a focus on innovation, efficiency, and adaptability, every milestone is thoughtfully planned to ensure sustained growth and resilience in a dynamic market.

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Experience the strength of our robust tokenomics with strategic distribution, utility at it's core, scarcity with purpose, incentive structures, and community empowerment.


Max Supply: 100,000,000 BOC

Former Name: $SUI (Salmonation)

Liquidity Pool

- Supply BOC: 50,000,000

- Supply BNB: 250

Distribution Supply

- RND: 10,000,000 BOC

- Treasury: 10,000,000 BOC

Price Fairlaunch

- $ per BOC: $0.0019

- BNB per BOC: 0.000005 BNB

Other Wallet

- Development: 20,000,000 BOC

- Team: 10,000,000 BOC

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What Others Say?

Discover what others are saying about our business! Customers, partners, and industry experts alike are sharing their experiences and insights. From rave reviews to testimonials highlighting our commitment to quality, the buzz is growing. Explore the positive impressions and discover why our business is leaving a lasting impact.

Brand Trust in Us

At the heart of our business is trust. We've earned the confidence of our customers through unwavering commitment to quality, transparency, and reliability. Our brand is a symbol of trustworthiness, reflecting the belief that when you choose us, you choose a partner you can rely on. Join the many who have placed their trust in our blockchain, and experience the assurance that comes with every interaction.

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